I’ve conducted many lectures and courses on this subject across the country and the commonest thing I’ve heard is “Why I need to learn practice management? I know it already”. Many dental practitioners think that they don’t need to learn the art of practice management. It comes naturally with time and you get better as you practice for more number of years. This is terribly wrong. Practice management is an art as well as a science, just like any other dental fraternity. It is a skill that must be acquired and nurtured by every practicing dentist. Dental practice is a profession from which you make living, you make life, get recognition and create wealth. So earlier you learn the art of practice management, faster you’ll be able to achieve everything you desire.

Many practitioners find it difficult to manage things like handling staff, patients & their objections, financial side of dental practice, managing time etc in routine practice. It ultimately adds lot of stress to their life which invariably affects their health as well as family life and in spite of working very hard, they are not internally happy. No wonder, dentists are few of the most stressed people of the society. One of the biggest benefits of learning the art of practice management is things become very easy to handle, to manage and to execute in your practice. Practice management is not only about making more money but it is all about living a great life. A life maintaining the much needed BALANCE in everything you do and enjoying it to the fullest.

Dentistry has become more demanding and challenging in this modern age. The increased awareness about dental care among the patients has added even more challenges. Patients today are more informed but less loyal, more skeptical but less trusting which makes a dentist’s job even tougher. The modernization has also added more expenses on a daily basis. Practicing dentistry is really becoming difficult with every passing day.

Increasing number of dentists resulting in cut-throat competition is another big problem now days. There is tremendous competition and struggle for survival. In order to reduce the overheads & also to attract more number of patients, the easiest way for a general dental practitioner is to lower the treatment charges. This price war is not only reducing the quality of dental treatments but also spoiling the brand -dentistry. In such situation, nobody is winning.

The real secret

Dentistry is all about 3 M’s – Marketing, Management and professional Mastery

strongly believe that instead of entering into this rat race of competition, it is always better to grow yourself clinically as well as personally.

The problem is every practicing dentist concentrate only on improving clinical skill but one should never ignore the marketing and management part of a successful dental practice. We spend lot of years, money and efforts for learning professional skills. What about marketing and management?

Many dentists are very good clinicians but not so good businessman simply because they do not understand the business of dentistry as it is never taught professionally in dental schools. So you must learn all the principles of practice management in order to have a great career in this wonderful profession. Practice management is really the need of the hour!