The Life Transforming Journey

About LifeXL

LifeXL is a one year in-depth comprehensive course designed for systematic growth in professional as well as personal lives of medical practitioners. The course will empower you with the much-needed business strategies that will give you the competitive edge in order to get the best out of your practice. The techniques and methods you learn in LifeXL will help you to understand the various aspects of patient centric practice management in order to achieve and sustain the constantly growing practice. It will take out the best out of you and will help you to perform beyond your personal capacities.

LifeXL won't just better your professional life but will also bring about phenomenal changes in your personal and financial life as well. It'll give you realistic solutions about bringing the much needed balance in your work, family, money and moreover - yourself! The understanding of finances are simplified at its unbelievably best in the curriculum. It is because medical professionals never get any formal education about managing money and creating multi-fold wealth over the years, the course will cover the sequential teaching from financial planning – independence – freedom. LifeXL will completely transform every sphere of your life helping you to live life full of happiness and abundance.


The LifeXL course consists of 4 modules viz.

PersonalXL, WealthXL, PracticeXL and FamilyXL that covers all important areas of life. The modules are designed to bring transformational changes in every sphere of your life.